Going away, doesn’t make it go away

I should be happy, thrilled, excited to go to such a beautiful place this weekend. I’ve never been there before. It’s our weekend away, our weekend to relax and enjoy each other. It’s a weekend to help us heal after such an awful experience of losing our child. Instead, it’s a sad weekend. I justContinue reading “Going away, doesn’t make it go away”

How to be a Good Friend

Good friends listen carefully. Good friends take turns. Good friends say kind things. Good friends share. Good friends are dependable. Good friends help each other. Good friends can disagree without hurting each other’s feelings Good friends respect each other. Lilliana got this at school the other day. It is very true. I am thankful toContinue reading “How to be a Good Friend”

Why haven’t I done this before?

So… my most favorite type of cookie is the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. It’s so soft, so sweet and so very yummy! But, for some strange reason, unbeknownst to even myself, I have never made them before. Well, at least not until last night! Yes, at 10pm again. What can I say, cooking and bakingContinue reading “Why haven’t I done this before?”

It’s a Black Bean Fiesta

We love black beans at our house. They are loaded with protein and fiber and are so versatile for any dish. Our favorites are Black Bean Soup, Black Bean Burgers and Black Bean Cheesy Enchiladas, just to name a few! Once you start eating these delicious black bean burgers, you’ll wonder if you’ll ever needContinue reading “It’s a Black Bean Fiesta”