Cauliflower Macaroni and Cheese

Here is an easy, nutritious and delicious recipe for parents looking to add a little extra nutrition to an all-time classic American dish, Cauliflower Macaroni and Cheese.


You won’t even notice there is pureed cauliflower in this pasta dish because it is so creamy and packed with so much cheese. The cauliflower has a very mild taste  but it adds so much creaminess to this dish. This is a perfect comfort food and so easy to put together. We made it tonight for dinner and it literally took me 20 minutes from start to finish. Plus, that included sticking it in the oven with a sprinkle of bread crumbs and extra parmesan cheese on the top, which gave it a really nice color and crunch!

Try out this recipe one night when you’re in a pinch for time. Your kids will devour it!

Chocolate Banana Chia Muffins, Gluten Free

So much for sunshine and warmth, HA! These last couple of days have returned to cold and cloudy, but hopefully it won’t last too, too long. I heard someone say that here in New England, all we talk about is the weather. That couldn’t be more true… we all get so excited when it’s over 60 degrees and the sun is out, that we immediately switch our gear to capris, short sleeve shirts and flip flops, or at least I do. Mother Nature, bring us more sun, pretty please. In the meantime, you can warm up in the kitchen with these sweet, Chocolate Banana Chia Muffins!


Let me start by saying, YUM. When you first look at this recipe, you will probably question the taste as they are made with chia seeds and dates and there isn’t any added sugar. But, I ASSURE YOU, these are SUPERB! The minced dates, mashed bananas and chopped up dates, along with some pure maple syrup, really sweeten up these muffins and give them such a depth of flavor and the chia seeds give these muffins such a nice crunch, along with providing your body with some good omega 3. Plus, they are made with unsweetened pure cocoa powder, which is such a strong antioxidant and who doesn’t love chocolate? I think these have become my favorite muffin.

chia seeds 2

If you are not familiar with chia seeds, they are great!!! These little seeds have become a new favorite around here. I throw them into baked goods, smoothies and even oatmeal. They give everything such a nice crunch and nutty flavor and they are packed with omega 3, protein, antioxidants, fiber and magnesium. Chia seeds are a super food, along with the better known, flax seeds and hemp seeds.

chia seeds

Oh, one other thing, they are GLUTEN FREE, made with oat and almond flour, another great natural source of fiber and protein! So, you don’t need to feel guilty about eating these chocolate muffins since they are packed with so many nutritional benefits! Enjoy.

Sun equals Happiness

Finally, we are enjoying some warm weather and sunshine!!!

spring sunrise

I have to admit, it has been a very, very depressing last few months. Winter started back in October and really didn’t end until last week, so it’s been a solid 6 months of cold, dreary, snow filled days. I am done and ready to welcome the chirping birds, the sunshine on my face and most importantly, my flip flops! It feels so good to not have to bundle up in a coat, socks and my winter boots anymore. I don’t know about you all, but when the sun is shining, my face is smiling! Welcome, SPRING!

Our spring session is starting in our after school enrichment programs and our theme is Celebrating the Gardening Season, because as you all know, springtime also means its time to clean up that home garden and plant those seeds. We’ve already started doing that here in our home. The kids are so excited, as am I, to start seeing the vegetables grow and the plants, trees and flowers bloom. It is my favorite time of year.

garden pics

Hope you all get some time to enjoy the beautiful, warm, sunny weather. Here’s to new beginnings!