Cooking Classes

Who says food can’t be nutritious AND delicious?

Join me, Miss Liz, for some fun in the kitchen, as I introduce kids to the enjoyment and benefits of preparing and eating in season, clean food that is both nutritious and delicious. Our hands-on classes teach students basic and intermediate culinary skills, as well as a fundamental mindset of how easy it is to prepare and eat good food!

We help cultivate a sense of a healthy body, mind and an approach to a wholesome, nutritious way of enjoying food. We cook and bake in our Food Jules kitchen from muffins and quiches to shepherd’s pie and lasagna rolls and even dessert such as chocolate beet cupcakes! Our curriculum is very unique and diverse, opening up your child’s mind to creating recipes that work for them and your family and not sacrificing health or taste.

We host a variety of classes: Birthday Parties, Cooking Camps, Family Cooking Classes, Girl and Boy Scout Workshops, Meal Planning and Charitable Events.

Click here to learn more about our MOST POPULAR type of party… Cooking and Baking Birthday Parties

Click here to learn more about our MOST POPULAR cooking classes… Kids Cooking Camp – Summer 2019

Please contact to make an appointment for a free nutritional and cooking consultation.

6 thoughts on “Cooking Classes

    1. Hi Theresa, currently I’m only hosting cooking parties, for birthdays or other events. Plus, we also offer individual or family consultations, where I can schedule some dates to go to your home and we can cook together, teaching you and/or your children to cook and/or bake.
      You can reach me at 203-414-6346 to discuss further.
      Thanks! Liz

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