Youth Group Cooking Class

Right before the holidays, we had the pleasure of hosting a Food Jules Cooking Party at my daughter’s youth group. It was so much fun! The girls really enjoyed baking some yummy sweet treats for those in need.

Youth Baking1

The girls baked Cranberry Orange Muffins with an Orange Glaze, Pumpkin Muffins with a Maple Glaze, Oreo Truffles and Holiday Funfetti Cookies. The girls were so happy to be baking for the Mercy Learning Center in Bridgeport. We hope they enjoyed their goodies, the girls (and boy) really put their love into them.

Youth Baking (3)

Youth Baking (2)

Youth Baking (6)

To celebrate at the end of the party, the girls got to enjoy some of the cookies along with some Hot Cocoa.

Youth Baking (12)

Our Food Jules parties are a lot of fun and a great learning experience for kids. If you are interested in hosting a party, please email us at or call us (203) 414-6346 and we’ll give you all the details. You can also find more information here on our website.

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Cooking Birthday Parties

Are you looking for a NEW and FUN idea for your child’s birthday party?


Well, your child will LOVE hosting his own Food Jules Cooking Birthday Party!


These parties are a great success! The kids have so much fun in the kitchen with their friends; cracking eggs, measuring ingredients, mixing batter, rolling dough and best of all, eating all their delicious food! Not only is it exciting cooking and baking, but it’s a GREAT learning experience too.

Your child will design his/her own menu based around one of our Birthday Party Themes. Our parties are hosted in the comfort of your own home. We don’t need much space, just a large empty table and we do all the work, from organizing the recipes, purchasing and prepping all the ingredients, setting up the cooking party area, teaching and guiding the kids through the cooking and baking process and at the end of the party, we do all the clean up. You don’t need to do anything, except sit back and relax as your kids enjoy this fun and educational experience.


Call or Email us today to book your Food Jules Cooking Birthday Party and let the creativity, learning and eating begin!