It’s going too fast!

Kids grow up so fast. It may sound cliche, but enjoy them every day, because soon they’ll be adults going off to college and getting married. My 7 yr old (soon to be 8 yr old) daughter grew almost 4″ since her last birthday and before you know it, will be the same height as me.

It feels like just the other day when I was taking her to preschool, crying in the car because I didn’t want her to grow up so quickly and now she’s finishing second grade and my little Lucas is going to preschool in September. I was hoping that our little baby Julian would be here to keep me occupied so I wouldn’t focus on the sadness of seeing my baby Lucas off to school already, but now I have to face it straight on!

I’ll just have to keep holding them and kissing them as much as possible, soaking them all in each and every day. After all, they ARE STILL my babies even if they are school age children now.


One thought on “It’s going too fast!

  1. Lauren,
    I knew someone who had picky children and she got good at “hiding” other pureed veggies (such as spinach, carrots, and I think celery) in tomato sauce! And what about sweet potato or butternut squash? Just an idea to try, or adapt to your situation.

    Also, I have been noticing some recipes for cold fruit soups for the summer- I think my kids would have so much fun with that idea.

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