What’s cooking tonight?

There’s nothing better then some warm, smooth Potato Leek soup on a rainy, cold day…. or how about a delicious, cheesy lasagna… or if you are in the mood for some Asian food, how about some homemade Drunken Noodles with Shrimp? There are so many options, how can one decide?

Asian Noodles with Shrimp

I made these noodles a couple weeks ago and just looking at them is making me want to make them again this very instant! Asian food is one of my favorite ethnic foods and this dish is so easy to make. Plus, it’s easy to cook vegetarian with the onions, red and green peppers, mushrooms and some fresh broccoli instead of the shrimp. That’s what I love about this dish, it’s so versatile. Oh, and the noodles are rice noodles so it’s a perfect dish for those on a gluten free diet!

Well, until I decide what’s cooking for dinner tonight, I think I’ll sit back and eat a yummy, warm, Chocolate Chip Muffin that I baked last night and brew a latte in my Espresso Love Mug. It’s a perfect afternoon pick me up after spending the morning cleaning the house! Oh and yes, I baked these muffins at 10pm last night. What can I say, it’s my quiet time when I can bake as much as my little heart desires without any interruptions!

Organic Chocolate Chip Muffins

So… what are you cooking for dinner tonight?

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