The lucky penny

Well, it seems that Lucas and I have had quite the luck finding those lucky pennies. In the last few days, we have found about 15 pennies and even a couple of dimes. I have no idea why this keeps happening, but it does.

So, yesterday, when we visited Julian, we left him one of our lucky pennies. Even though he isn’t here with us, it is our way of sharing with him. We also brought him a little gift from our recent trip to Baltimore. This was Lucas’ idea and it was a wonderful idea. He has been talking about Julian a lot over the past couple of weeks. He cries for him often and talks about him. He really does miss him. The other day there was a tiny carrot and he said “Mommy, this is a perfect size for Julian” and when I made the mini-muffins, he said again, “Mommy, these are so small. They are good for Julian”.

So, to all those people who think three year old’s don’t really “understand” what has happened, our little Lucas does and he thinks about him often.

Just a few days after Julian was born...

Yesterday marked four months that Julian left us. Just four months ago he was here with us for the very last time. We are all thinking about you Julian, more and more each day.

One thought on “The lucky penny

  1. Julian looks so peaceful in this picture, the way he is nuzzled in and his little hand resting on your chest. He exudes warmth and peace. I am sure he felt as close to Lucas as Lucas felt to him. How beautiful that Lucas is making such connections. Thank you for sharing.

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