Kids are amazing!

Kids are simple. Kids are honest. Kids are real.  Kids are truly amazing and I am lucky enough to have my own kids at home with me and being blessed with their sincerity, compassion and never-ending love.

Today, I was honored to be surrounded by many other wonderful children at our first Food Jules kids cooking class. All the kids were great and I enjoyed teaching them about something that I truly enjoy, cooking.

Today, the kids learned some fun facts about Spain. They learned a little about Spanish culture, language and cuisine. First, we ate crackers with Membrillo (Quince Jam) and Manchego Cheese, all from Spain. Then, the kids worked together in teams to make Chicken Empanadas. That’s right, these little kids, ages 5-11, made empanadas from scratch and they did a great job! Honestly, I didn’t help them all that much. Then, after all of their hard work, they got to eat their own delicious empanadas, followed by a special treat… they ate some homemade, Arroz con Leche (rice pudding). The kids devoured everything! There isn’t a better compliment to a chef, then to hear kids asking for seconds, thirds and more and having them finish all of the food that we brought to the class. It was truly an amazing experience.

Now that they all have the official recipe, maybe they’ll make them for their parents!

I just want to send a sincere THANK YOU to all the kids for all of their hard work at today’s class, a Thank you to the Children’s Librarians for making this all happen and a very special thanks to my sweet Lilliana and sweet niece, Mia, for being my special helpers.

We’re all looking forward to next week’s class, where we’ll be learning about India.


4 thoughts on “Kids are amazing!

  1. This sounds wonderful!! I wish that I lived closer so that my kids could enjoy the experience because with you as the teacher it must be wonderful!!

  2. I wish I had come across this earlier! Just looked at the library’s website & all the classes are beyond booked! My daughter would have loved it. I see you guys will be making my favorite dessert in August, would love to be able to make that. Maybe you should start an adult class 🙂

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