The Scones were DELICIOUS!

Today, at our Food Jules cooking class, the kids baked scones! That’s right, the kids made fresh, homemade scones, maple oatmeal and blueberry with a lemon glaze. They were all very delicious, as were the English biscuits and cheese right from England. We also drank English Breakfast Tea and Berry and Lemon Tea directly from the English Tea Shop in the UK.

This has been a wonderful class to teach and all the kids have so much fun cooking, baking, working in teams and eating all of their delicious foods. They all do such a great job working together. Their parents should be so proud of all their efforts and great team work!

Last week, we learned about India and made Malai Kofta, a vegetarian meatball. We also ate fresh Naan from our local Indian restaurant and we made Indian rice pudding. It was a great class too!

Next week is our final week this summer. We will be learning and celebrating all about Portugal and Italy. The kids will make Lasagna Rolls, maybe some Garlic Bread and some Pasteis de Nata (custard cups). I’m looking forward to next week. I just hope there is enough food for me to eat! We always seem to run out of food. The kids devour every bite and go back for seconds and thirds! It’s great.


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