Stock Up.

We have a NEW item today at the market, an Organic Blueberry Peach Jam. It is absolutely delicious and low in sugar. My dear friend, Carie, came to visit us at the market last week, all the way from New York with her three beautiful children. She made me a couple different jams and one of them was a Blueberry Peach mix. It was delicious so it inspired me to make one for our line of Jams.

I should also mention that my friend, Lisa, inspired my Strawberry-Blackberry Jam, one of our most popular jams, when she told me that she combines store bought Blackberry and Strawberry Jam because she loves the combination and can’t find one that has both in the grocery stores.

So, thank you to Carie and Lisa for your great ideas and for being great friends.

Stop by the market TODAY to try these delicious jams and stock up on our Hot Fudge Sauce.

One thought on “Stock Up.

  1. Liz you are so welcome!! We loved the visit. My kids keep talking about yours. Especially Josie she keeps asking me where her friend Lilliana is….so cute. In case we don’t talk!before enjoy your trip and we will get together when you get home.

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