Stock up for “Hurricane Irene”

Well, it sounds like Connecticut will be hit with a big storm this weekend. We all hope it turns out to just be some rain, but if it isn’t, at least you’ll be prepared with tons of goodies.

Visit us today at the Monroe Farmers Market from 3-6pm to stock up on our all  organic, whole grain, delicious food. Food Jules will feature CHICKEN EMPANADAS and BEEF EMPANADAS for our appetizers and BANANA BLUEBERRY BREAD, DOUBLE CHOCOLATE MUFFINS and BLUEBERRY CRUMB MUFFINS for our baked goodies.

Homemade, Organic Empanadas
Double Chocolate and Blueberry Crumb

Pick up some of our deliciously sweet ORGANIC JAMS to eat with crackers, toast or with your peanut butter sandwiches OR our intense chocolate HOT FUDGE SAUCE to eat over your ice cream, before it all melts.

We also have GRANOLA as another pantry item that you can snack on during the storm. So, stock up today!

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