My Cousin

I’ve been blessed with some wonderful, sweet and genuine friends and family in my life. Of course, I’ve also come across those that are the complete opposite but I think we all can agree that we meet people that have their own agendas and intentions.

Well, one of my dear cousins is the sweetest, smartest, more caring person that I have ever met. She has always been by my side, without any of her own judgements. She gives all she can to those that she loves, she is considerate, she is gentle and she is beautiful, both on the inside and outside. She is truly an amazing person and anyone that is blessed with her friendship and love should feel honored.

This weekend, we  spent an entire day together, doing what girls love to do….  talk, eat, shop and we even cried. It was a great day and I look forward to spending more days with her and with my truly honest, genuine, sweet loved ones, those that remind me most of my sweet baby Julian and talk about his beautiful, yet brief, existence here on earth with us.


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