I missed my kids!

Yesterday, I was back in the classroom with my amazing students from our Arts & Imagination Food Jules Cooking Class. It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve been together with the week off due to the snowstorm and last Tuesday being Julian’s birthday. It was so refreshing to be back in the classroom and as soon as I saw the kids coming in to start our session, I was so excited to see them. I had missed my kids!

We continued our “Nutritious and Delicious” theme  with healthy and great tasting snacks. My very talented and sweet students made fresh Hummus, which we used for our Hummus and Cucumber Sandwiches, Apple and Cheddar Mini-Quiches, Granola for our Yogurt Parfaits and finally, a slightly sweet yet good for you, Pumpkin Pecan Scones. Yes, I always include a muffin or scone as part of a snack mix!

Yet again, everything was delicious and they ate it all up! Our scone team even made two batches so that they would have some to take home and share with their families! The students are all so considerate, always packing up some extras (if there are any) or saving some from their own plates, so they can bring home to share with their brothers, sisters, mothers and/or fathers. It is the sweetest thing ever! They are so proud of their hard work and are excited to share it with their loved ones. Us, adults, can learn a lot from our children!

I’m looking forward to next week…. when we cook Nutritious and Delicious Dinner! Until then, listen to your kids, appreciate all of their hard work (it’s not easy being a kid or an adult for that matter!), all of their accomplishments, their generosity, their sweetness, their innocence and most of all, enjoy their unconditional love!

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