FREE Cooking Classes

Food Jules is pleased to announce that we will be offering kids cooking classes at the Trumbull Library as well as the Monroe Library during the 2012 Summer Season!

Our classes are being offered for children ages 6-10 on the following dates:

Trumbull Library: April 17, July 10, July 17, August 7 and August 21 at 3:00pm.

Monroe Library: Feb 18, June 28, July 12, July 18 and August 2 at 10:30am.

Classes fill up very quickly so call your local library to sign up today! Looking forward to seeing all my little sous-chefs!

3 thoughts on “FREE Cooking Classes

    1. The class is full with 15 kids. How exciting. Looking forward to seeing Abigail in class. She’s so sweet and such a great sous-chef. Maybe we can get the kids together one day for a play date.

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