It’s Tea Time!

This week, we returned to Europe and visited one of my favorite spots… ENGLAND!

Did you know that the English drink the most tea in the entire world? They sure do enjoy their “Afternoon Tea” parties and so did we! While sipping some English Breakfast Tea (decaf, of course), we ate some warm baked Currant Scones and nibbled on some little tea sandwiches such as the famous cucumber sandwich and an egg salad sandwich.

We talked about famous locations, people and food in England. The students learned that the sandwich was invented in England by John Montagu in 1762 and that Europe’s tallest ferris wheel, called the London Eye, is located right in London. We also saw the beautiful Windsor Castle, which is the oldest and largest castle in the world! And of course, everyone recognized Prince William and Kate Middleton.

London Eye

After our tea party, we ate two of Britain’s favorite dishes, the Cornish Pasty and the Cottage Pie. The most common foods in England are the sandwich, fish and chips, savory pies and roast dinners. We created our own savory pie, originally made for miners in Cornwall, the Cornish Pasty. The traditional recipe calls for Steak, Potatoes, Onions and Ruttabaga (or Turnips) but we made a Chicken, Potato, Onion and Bacon version. It was one of the kids favorite dishes!

Are you familiar with the Shepherd’s Pie? Well, this type of pie is made with Ground Lamb, but we made a version with Ground Turkey instead, which we called the Cottage Pie. It was delicious, topped with mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese! I could have eaten the entire dish all by myself.

Next week, the kids want to visit Asia, either China or Japan…. but I was thinking it would be fun to visit the Arabian coast or Thailand and definitely India. Plus, we can’t forget about visiting my family in PORTUGAL! Maybe, we’ll make that our final destination on our trip around the world with some homemade, warm, sweet, pasteis de nata. YUM!

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