Boston Cream Pie Heaven

I love reading the Food Network magazine…. actually, I love looking at the beautiful pictures of all the gorgeous food in the magazine! Well, it isn’t just me in this house who reads this magazine, so does Mike and the kids. They look at the gorgeous pictures too and then they ask ME to make the food in those beautiful pictures!

Well, last month we received the Chocolate Edition and it was filled with tons of recipes, all made with sweet, delicious chocolate. So, I knew it was just a matter of time before the requests came in…. the first one being the Boston Cream Pie which is one of Mike’s favorite desserts! So, today was his lucky day!

Boston Cream Pie

This was so light and not too sweet and oh, so delicious! Making this cake is very simple, really it is, but it does require many steps which I made throughout the day but it was so worth it! You can find this recipe on Food Network.

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