Today, as I was driving to pick up my daughter from school, I had to take numerous amount of detours as roads were closed for renovation. It made me think, this is what my life is like, it’s full of detours to where I want/need to be, as is everyone else’s life. Maybe it’s not as obvious as mine is right now, but it got me thinking about the old saying, “Life isn’t about the destination, but the journey.” Well, it’s true, and we all are guilty of getting caught up in our daily routines and tasks that we lose sight of what’s really important… the daily routines and tasks! It’s all part of the journey.

Instead of pondering on the fact that I had to rush from picking up Lucas to taking my mom to the doctor to picking up Lilliana, I took a step back and enjoyed the drive down to pick up my mom, the time I got to see her beautiful face, the moment she got to watch Lucas laugh and enjoy playing with his dinosaurs, the words that he spoke about Julian as we pulled into the hospital parking lot. (yes, as soon as we pulled into the hospital parking lot, he said to me “Mommy, this reminds me of Julian and when he was at the hospital”). These little moments, the detour to get to Lilliana’s school today, it’s all part of our path, of our journey in life, so we should take a deep breath and enjoy the beautiful sun shining in our face and the wind blowing in our hair. I enjoyed looking at the trees changing colors on the Merritt Parkway. It’s an amazing and beautiful time of the year, it always is, every single season brings new beginnings and beauty.

I thought it was important to share my food for thought from this afternoon. Hope you can stop, take a deep breath and enjoy what you are doing at this very moment and all the other times when you are in such a hurry to get to the next step. Enjoy your life. This is what it’s all about!


5 thoughts on “Detour

  1. I love autumn –I can’t help looking at the beautiful leaves on the trees and drive slow so I can take the beauty in–
    Now that I am older I am also aware of the beauty of the clouds on a nice day.

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