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This weekend, I spent a great deal of time refreshing our Food Jules website. I am not sure if it’s the “new year, new you” feeling but ever since the holidays ended, I have been refreshing a lot around here, a little “pre-spring cleaning”. It gives me such a feeling of satisfaction and comfort when things are clean and organized, makes things seem new again. It helps bring me a step closer to the spring time.

spring sunrise

If you look around the website, you’ll find I’ve re-organized it a bit, while still keeping it simple and clean. I’ve revised our bio, added a few new recipes and updated the cooking class information. I will continue to bring you new recipes and tips as the weeks continue. I have lots to share with you, especially in the gluten free arena. I am on Day 13 of my GLUTEN CLEANSE and am feeling absolutely wonderful. I have more energy, more appetite and no digestive issues. I am still having trouble sleeping at night and the nightmares continue, but I expect that will continue for some time. It all started with Julian’s passing so I am sure my subconscious and conscious mind still has lifelong healing to do.


Go ahead and check out our REFRESHED website and stay tuned for more to come. Keep those comments coming too, I really enjoy reading them.

4 thoughts on “Blog Refresh

    1. I was feeling very bloated, tired and had some digestive issues. I was watching Dr Oz one day and a woman had the similar symptoms so she started to cutting out foods to see which were the issue. First, she started with gluten, then dairy etc. A friend of mine was feeling the same way and started to cut out gluten and she felt much better. So, I decided to experiment too and as of right now, I don’t feel any of those symptoms I used to feel. Overall, I feel much more energetic, I don’t feel so “stuffed” all the time but instead feel more satiated. I love it. Eventually, I will start to incorporate it back into my day, little by little, to see what happens. If it makes me feel terrible again, I will know the culprit.

      No, I didn’t get an official blood test for celiac. However, I have learned, that gluten sensitivity won’t show up on blood work. Celiac will, which is a more intense illness. I believe that each of our bodies has the potential to form these sensitivities to foods for a variety of reasons. Some may develop sensitivities if they ingest too much of certain foods, others due to emotional and environmental factors or even because of our ever changing bodies. Whatever the reason, I have noticed a difference in my body since I have been gluten free. This doesn’t mean it is the same for everyone. All of our bodies are so different. That’s why it’s important to recognize when something just doesn’t feel right and listen to our bodies.

      I am also a believer that we can detox our bodies and there may be an opportunity for it to heal itself. I guess the big lesson is to listen to our bodies, exercise, reduce stress and eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet.

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