Welcome back Food Jules students!

It’s back to school again! The Winter 2013 session of our Food Jules After School Enrichment Programs has begun.

kids cooking cartoon

The holidays are finally over and we’re all back to school, yippee! Our winter session started up again this week at local schools. It was such a pleasure to see so many familiar faces again and some new little ones too. The students are all wonderful, full of excitement and so eager to learn (and eat)!

We have a fun curriculum planned for each of our schools. For the new ones, we’re “Creating My Plate”, learning how easy and fun it is to eat all of our five food groups. Students are learning how to create a healthy, fun and delicious meal using simple ingredients, building their own “plate” filled with vegetables, fruits, grains, protein and dairy items.



In another school, we are cooking around the world, enjoying different cultures and cuisines. Students will be creating global dishes, exploring the food and culture of a different country each week from the United States, to Cuba, England, Portugal, Italy, India, Thailand and the Middle East. All the while, learning healthy eating habits and fostering a love of wholesome food and cooking.


Back in our home town classes, we will be enjoying cooking comfort foods that warm our tummies during these frigid, cold days. We’ll make hearty soups, chili, lasagna, muffins and even pies. Each week, this hands-on class will teach students the skills necessary to make these wholesome, savory meals, packed with tons of flavor and nutrition.


So, a warm WELCOME to all of our students, both sous-chefs and executive chefs!

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