This week, a few videos captured my attention and helped me realize, even more, how precious life is and how we should embrace it and live it to its fullest in love and laughter. Today, I’m going to share them with you.


This first video is about a woman, who lives nearby in Long Island, New York. In 2009, she lost her three children in a tragic car accident. I just learned about her story as I watched her interview on The View and downloaded a full interview on NBC News that I’ve posted here. As I watched her tell her story, I could see and feel the sadness in her eyes and her soul. Losing a child changes your perspective on life and alters the way you see the world. It is life changing and no one can ever understand that unless they have lost a child too. She lost all three of her children at the same time and her house went from lively and full of smiles to empty and cold. That just broke my heart to pieces. She’s written a book, ” I’ll see you again”, which I ordered and plan to read.


I have heard numerous times how I am an inspiration to people, and how I help others realize the true importance of our lives but let me tell you that in my eyes, this woman is a true inspiration to all of us. I am so fortunate to still have my Lilliana and Lucas here with me, they help me so much with their smiles, their laughs, their joy, their hugs and kisses. I take full advantage of all of this positive energy and am so fortunate to cradle up with them every day. When this woman talks about how her and her husband were planning to take their own lives, I can see that heart break and that longing to be with their children again. When you are a mother, that’s all that matters to you, is to be with your children. This mother and father continue down their path in life, even with all of this tremendous pain that will live with them forever. They are my inspiration.

The second video is about a young man, who died a few days ago from cancer. He set out to share his story and inspire others to live life to its fullest, smiling and laughing each day, enjoying his family and friends. This family knew their son was going to leave this earth in just a few short months and they moved past that resentment and pain, and enjoyed every last moment with their son.


It is so easy to get caught up in the woos of life, especially when the cards you are dealt are unbearable, but as I have said many times, it’s how you handle what comes your way, that makes you the person that you are. Instead of focusing on the negative (that my little infant baby, Julian, died in my arms and that his little body is buried under the ground in a strange place instead of being here with his family, learning to walk and talk and giving us hugs and kisses) but rather focusing on the positive (that we were fortunate to meet and hold our beautiful little son and Lilliana and Lucas were able to shower him with so much love during his few weeks on earth). We should let the positive energy flow out from our souls and embrace each moment that we have here on earth because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. This family embraced their last moments with their dying son, they are my inspiration.

Finally, this is the last video. a different perspective on enjoying life. This group is showering women on the streets of NYC with song. This made me laugh, I enjoyed it so very much. I love it when people come out of their comfort zone to show others kindness. This is a true example of letting go and just being kind to others. In life, I have come across so many people who just turn the other way when a situation gets uncomfortable for them. Unfortunately, this happened a lot when Julian died. It is an unfortunate situation and so many people don’t know how to handle it, so instead they just ignore it. I am sure I have done this numerous times also, so I don’t judge them anymore. It isn’t easy to move out of our comfort zone, to take the time to do something for someone else when our own lives are so very busy. Sometimes, it’s just easier to not do anything, then do the wrong thing, but the thing is, it is better to do something, then not do anything at all.


I think what I enjoyed most out of this video, was just how much they made these women smile, just by taking a few moments to show them a random act of kindness. This goes a long way in my book. Instead of running away from this strange man, they just smiled and enjoyed the moment. That’s exactly how we should be living our lives, enjoying every single moment because you never know, it just might make your day!

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