Monroe Farmers Market 2013

To all my wonderful customers who have been asking if I will be part of the Monroe Farmers Market this summer, 2013… I will not be participating this year. I have decided to take a much needed break from a busy school year and life and just focus on time with my family.

fresh produce

I apologize to all those that were looking forward to those empanadas and muffins. I will miss all of you. However, please keep in mind, that if you need anything, from jams to granola, fresh baked muffins, breads or cookies, please do not hesitate to reach out to me and we can make arrangements for you. It would be my pleasure.

The farmers market is still there, every Friday from 3-6pm on the town green, and it is a wonderful market with lots of wonderful in-season fruits and vegetables, so be sure to visit it this summer. The kids and I will be there when we can, to pick up some fresh veggies, eggs and maple syrup! Hope to see you there.


2 thoughts on “Monroe Farmers Market 2013

  1. Good for you Liz!! It will be so nice for you to just spend time with your kids over the summer and not really worry about anything else.

    I love summer for just that reason. No lunches to makes, homework to worry about. Just free time to do as we please.

    Talk soon!! Carie

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