There is something wrong with my scale!

Ok, it has been four weeks since I’ve been checking my weight on the scale and it has not changed (well, maybe it’s less 1-2 pounds). I’m seriously considering throwing it out the window! Since Julian passed, I’ve been working so hard to lose the baby weight, taking exercise/yoga classes and eating like a bird (that’s what my mother in law said the other day). It was so much easier losing this weight with my other two children and I really owe it to the breastfeeding. This way is a lot harder.

Today, I babysat my nephew Jake, who was born two weeks after Julian. It was so nice to comfort, feed and hold a baby again. It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve done that. I really miss him. I’m thinking about writing a memoir, to tell his story and see if I could help others through their difficult times.

Well, per my brother in law’s request, I will be posting my first recipe. You don’t want to miss it. These buttermilk pancakes are the best pancakes you will ever eat! I recently passed on this recipe to my sister in law and good friend and they love them. This is a keeper.

3 thoughts on “There is something wrong with my scale!

  1. Wondefull job Liz! We are so proud of you! Looking forward to more, now I don’t have an excuse to try a new recipe!

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