It’s time to cleanse my mind and body.

Today I started my Isagneix 9 day cleanse program. This is a great program that I did three years ago. It really helped kick start my metabolism after Lucas was born and gave me renewed energy.

The program consists of shake days, in which you drink an Isagenix shake for breakfast and dinner and eat a well-balanced small lunch, and cleanse days. The toughest are those cleanse days in which you can’t eat anything except 6 raw almonds for the entire day. Of course, you are supposed to drink a lot of water and you are drinking the cleanse drink, but it really hits you that you can’t eat anything during those days! Thankfully, there are more shake days then cleanse days and by the end of the program, you feel rejuvenated and really notice the weight loss.

Today is a shake day for me so it’s not too bad. However, I do have a small headache already because you are not supposed to drink coffee either. That’s another difficult part, especially for those that rely on that caffeine to give them a boost of energy.

Wish me luck, especially since I’ll be posting recipes on my blog this week and still cooking delicious foods for my family.

One thought on “It’s time to cleanse my mind and body.

  1. Good Luck my dear friend, you will do great! I can’t wait to hear how you are doing each day on the cleanse! Loving this blog, it brings to me a peaceful place every time I sit down to read it. 🙂

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