What’s cooking for dinner tonight?

Last night, I made the tortellini soup with spinach for dinner. It was so delicious. Even though I wasn’t supposed to eat it because I’m on the cleanse program, I gave it a little try. Every good cook tests his own cooking. It’s very easy to make and your family will love it. It’s my own original recipe.

I’ve also added some other yummy new recipes to the blog and will continue to add more this week. Check out “recipes” in the menu at the top of the page.

Tonight, I’ll be making some vegetarian nachos. Tortilla chips on the bottom, pour some vegetarian chili (leftovers from the other night) on top of the chips, and sprinkle with shredded cheddar cheese (always a staple in my refrigerator). Melt in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes and dinner is done! We enjoy topping off the nachos with some fresh salsa and sour cream. This is a definite treat for the kids. Very kid-friendly meal. You can add a green salad with tomatoes, olives and cucumbers as a side dish for the nachos.

What are you cooking for dinner tonight?

4 thoughts on “What’s cooking for dinner tonight?

  1. TIP: Here’s an alternative to the vegetarian chili since most of you probably won’t have that at home right now… Saute a minced garlic clove (and red pepper flakes if you like to add a little heat, I do) in a pan with olive oil. Add a can of black beans, rinsed. Add a little salt, pepper and cumin. Pour the beans over the nachos with the cheese on top. There you go, a quick meal for dinner tonight!

  2. Well can’t wait to try that soup! I love spinach, especially in my soup! Dinner tonight is less than exciting…eggs, turkey bacon and potato wedges. However, I too love making nachos as leftovers(chicken, taco meat). You should try doing it with homemade tortillas. Just cut them into triangles spray with a little cooking spray, salt and bake until golden..they are delicious even by themselves. Enjoy the Nachos!

    1. The tortellini soup with spinach is really yummy and so easy to make. I have a few other delicious spinach recipes for you. Some Cerrato favorites are: spinach and cheese puff pastry shells, spinach and potato cakes and Lilliana’s favorite, spinach frittata. Sometimes, I surprise her with it for lunch on whole wheat bread. Also, did you ever add chopped spinach to lentil soup or vegetable soup? That is really good too. I’ll post some of these spinach recipes later this week. Oh, and how about Spinach Lasagna? I know you and Chris love that one!

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