I’m getting hungry!

After two successful pre-cleanse days, which consists of replacing breakfast and dinner with one Isagenix shake and having a sensible 400-600 calorie meal for lunch, I’m ready for tomorrow, which will be my first cleanse day. The cleanse days are the most difficult as you can’t eat anything all day long, except 6 raw almonds throughout the entire day! I am getting so hungry just thinking about it.  This is going to be rough but I’m trying to keep the end goal in mind, losing some of this post pregnancy weight. It just doesn’t feel right having this weight on without a baby to care for. I need to lose it, for my own sanity and look forward to getting back into my regular jeans again!  At least I’m trying to see if losing the weight will help, I’m trying everything imaginable under the sun to be able to survive each day without Julian.

I’ve had some recipe requests so I will be posting a Potato Leek Soup recipe and a Spinach Frittata recipe tonight. Super easy meals to prepare and so delicious and good for you. Enjoy and as always, feel free to share and comment.

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