Is there a better place?

Do you know? I don’t know if I’ll ever know until it’s my time. It helps to think there is a heaven and all our angels are watching over us. It helps to think that a loved one’s spirit is still with us even if he’s passed. I’m not so sure if it helps me, mainly because I don’t know if I believe it. At least, not yet.

But, as Father Bill said at Julian’s funeral, “If you spend all your time wondering why, then you won’t use your time living”. The other night on Desperate Housewives (yes, I’m quoting from one of my favorite shows), the reverend said to Brie, “Don’t spend your time thinking about what you’ve lost but instead spend your time helping others. Isn’t that a better way of living?” Pretty ironic but it made sense to me and that’s what I’m trying to do. Trying to help others in my own way.

So, keep living and keep loving and always try to help others, for that is all that really matters in life, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Is there a better place?

  1. Oh Liz, you are such an amazing person. With each of your posts you make me think and see things in a new light. I agree, keep living, keep loving and do our best to be good to others.

  2. HI Liz,

    I liked that post, you ask some good questions.There is a way to find out what is beyond.Heaven and Hell are really just levels of consciousness.We can raise our consciousness here and now.The method is meditation and prayer, the more you do the more progress you will make.You do not have to believe it , just do an experiment if it works then go on if not stop.
    In my limited experience I have made progress and if i can, you can too.
    The ultimate goal is union or oneness with source/God /intelligence/energy whatever you want to call it.


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