Lots of Food!!!

On Friday July 1st, Food Jules will have lots and lots of yummy food including our Organic Jams, Hot Fudge Sauce, Granola and Baked Goodies. I made a double batch of Hot Fudge since it all sold out so quickly last week. Come early if you want to ensure you’ll get some!

Tomorrow’s muffins are Blueberry Lemon, Morning Glory and Apple Pie. We will also have Banana Bread and Zucchini Bread. All our baked goods are made from organic, all-natural whole grain ingredients.


We will also have Organic Chicken Empanadas, Organic Corn Empanadas and Organic Brie and Jam in Phyllo. I know, I was a very busy girl today. I am SUPER TIRED from all the cooking and baking plus I’ve been getting to bed extremely late and can’t seem to sleep anymore.

Hope to see you all tomorrow at the Monroe Farmers Market from 3-6pm on the town green, in front of the EWML library.


One thought on “Lots of Food!!!

  1. your chicken empanadas are amazing. Holy cow. Kane and I didn’t share them with anyone!! Kept them all to ourselves.

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