Eight Months

Today, September 19, 2011 marks eight months since our little baby Julian left this world. I can’t say that it has “gotten easier”, as a matter of fact, it has gotten more difficult to be without him. Just watching everyone’s world continue, babies being born, babies growing bigger and new babies to come. Life continues all around us as we stand still, battling our everyday sadness that lies within all of us, a battle and sadness that will continue for the rest of our living days. We all love him so much and wish he was here with us, to enjoy our hugs and kisses and our family.

Julian's First Days at the Hospital

Thinking of you, Julian, today and every minute of every other day.

One thought on “Eight Months

  1. May the reminders you get of Julian here on Earth be God’s continuous way of letting you know how much Julian loves you too. You are doing a TREMENDOUS job with the sadness you face every day. You are an AMAZING mother to your children and I admire your strength so much. Sending love and hugs,

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