Stressed out!

Well, I just can’t believe it but we are not the only ones that are under a lot of stress! So is our goldfish, Hammerhead. He’s been acting very strange over the last couple of days, laying upside down on the top of the water. We thought he was dead many times. The pet store told me that it sounds like “he’s stressed out”. I didn’t know that fish could be stressed? He told me to change his water and give him more food. That sounds about right, that’s what I need, a new environment and more food!

Hammerhead has been with us for over a year. It’s the longest that a fish has survived in this house. He lived here while I was pregnant and when Julian was here with us. Obviously, since our baby Julian was our top priority, we didn’t have much time for changing his water or feeding him during those nine weeks while Julian was here, but he has managed to survive. Now, that we are able to take care of him, he has come close to death a couple times already, but by some miracle, I was able to save him. Don’t ask me how, I just tried some bacteria stuff, changed his water, talked to him. I gave that fish a lot of attention. I didn’t want him to die. I wanted him to survive. I guess, I thought about Julian and how the fish met him and if and when he is to pass away, I will be very, very sad. It may sound weird to you, but I want to keep him around forever!

So, let’s hope that he makes it this time too. Thinking of my beloved baby Julian and missing him so very much today!

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