Food Jules Cookbook Challenge

Aside from all the various cookbooks I have on the shelf, I also have a HUGE three ring black binder that I put together many years ago with my favorite recipes. Well, I think it’s time to clean it up and share the best recipes with you. There have been many meals that I’ve made that aren’t in the cookbook so I need to add those in there too. All in preparation to one day, maybe, write a cookbook. Maybe.

Well, for now, you will enjoy all ups and downs of going through this big black book. I will cook the recipe, grade it, take a photo and share the best recipes with you. Then, I’d love it if you tried to cook it and sent me your comments and your grade to see if you agree. Take the challenge with me!

This will also be a great opportunity to gather some great recipes for the kids cooking classes, as I will be teaching many of them this Fall season. So, stay tuned as we begin this Food Jules Cookbook Challenge!

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