We saved a life!

Well, it may sound trivial to many of you, but last night we saved a little baby chipmunk’s life. A little baby girl.

Our cat, Jay Jay, brought her home to us in his mouth. We grabbed him away from the chipmunk right away and as the kids and I were looking at the tiny chipmunk breathing up and down, just laying there, trying her best to keep her life, we knew we had to do something. So, we did. Mike’s cousin, Joey, saves and cares for wild animals. He’s amazing. People call him when they find an injured animal. He’s had squirrels, owls, raccoons, opossum etc. He gives them medicine, cares for them as their injuries heal and then he releases them. The kids love going there to see the animals and watch him care and play with them. It truly is amazing how much he cares for these animals.

Anyway, we called him right away. Lilliana helped Joey clean his wounds and care for him and we think he’s going to make it. We did it. The kids were so excited and happy and what a great lesson for them.

I can’t express to you enough, how much love we had for that little chipmunk at the moment we met him. Yes, it reminded us of Julian. Lucas even said to me “Mommy, the chipmunk reminds me of Julian. It makes me sad.” I was there with him. We all were. So, we helped save his life and we feel so happy to have taken that initiative. We all wish we could have saved Julian’s life but we couldn’t heal him so we’re trying to heal others along the way, in the best way that we can.

So, if you ever see a wild animal on the side of the road and he’s injured but still living, maybe you’ll stop and make that phone call to help him and you too can help save a life!

2 thoughts on “We saved a life!

  1. That is beautiful. If only we could save every living thing especially my late baby cousin Jullian. P.S. It’s Emma

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