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Well, the holidays are over (phew) but the emotional trials continue as our family has suffered another major loss with the death of my sweet, Godfather To-Manuel, who joined Julian on Monday morning after a short battle against cancer. It is truly a tragedy for this world to lose such a loving, caring soul. He was a great man and an important part of my childhood and of my parent’s life so we all are going to miss him, greatly!

Manuel Pedreira

It is heartbreaking to see others suffering such a loss. Seeing him in the hospital bed all hooked up to IVs and a respirator brought back so many memories of this same time last year at Yale with our baby Julian. I can’t believe that one year ago, I was in the hospital room with him, taking care of him, holding him, comforting him. I was with him and now I am not. It really is so strange how things change so quickly in life. One minute, everything is good, life is good, everyone is happy and then the next, your entire world is overturned. That’s what happened to us and now that’s what has happened to my cousins, my Godmother, my aunt, my family.

All we can do is move forward and remember all of our loved ones, remember all of our memories with them, trying to stay connected to them, somehow. That’s all we can do. The journey isn’t easy, there will be very sad and difficult days but hopefully, as time passes, those days will be fewer. Hopefully.

As life continues to happen all around us, Food Jules has been in a hiatus over the last couple weeks, taking a step back to get through the emotional and physical battles of the holidays. However, now that the holiday season has ended, our classes will start up again soon. Here is a quick sneak peak at our upcoming classes.

  • Fri, January 13th – Teen cooking class, Monroe Library
  • Sat, January 14th – Kids cooking class, Monroe Library
  • w/o January 28th – Arts & Imagination cooking classes, Fawn Hollow Elementary and Stepney Elementary Schools

Food Jules continues to provide fresh baked goodies to Food Works every Friday morning. Tomorrow, we’ll have Organic Blueberry Crumb and Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins as well as Cranberry Orange Scones. So stop over at Food Works for your healthy, sweet treat!

Cranberry Orange Scones


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