Creating MyPlate

I know it’s been a while since my last post but it has been very busy with classes and life!

Currently, we are in the middle of our spring session at Stepney Elementary as part of the Arts & Imagination program. This time we are learning how to create MyPlate using the five food groups. The children are learning all about creative ways of eating their Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Protein and Dairy!

A couple of weeks ago, we learned about the two types of Grains (my favorite subject), the Whole Grain and the Refined Grain. As part of the lesson, the kids read some nutrition labels on the back of cereal boxes, crackers, bread crumbs and frozen waffles. They were all so surprised by the number of ingredients in these products, as well as the fact that they didn’t recognize half of them, neither do I! It is truly important to read those labels so you know what you are putting into your growing body.

We were on spring break last week so when we returned to class yesterday, I was so pleased to hear a story shared by one of my students. He had gone grocery shopping with his mom over break and she picked up some white bread and he pointed out to his mother that white bread is a refined grain and not as healthy as the whole wheat bread so they ended up buying the whole wheat bread. I was so very proud of him and I am so proud of all my students for all their attention and enthusiasm in these classes. Hopefully, these classes will be instrumental in helping them to make better eating choices.

This is exactly why I enjoy teaching these cooking classes. Kids are simply amazing!

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