One of my favorite Italian meals is Pasta Bolognese! I love the texture and creaminess of this savory meat sauce no matter what pasta comes with it. Believe it or not, I was first introduced to Bolognese on our trip to Italy a few years back and it was love at first bite!

There has only been one other time that the Bolognese has come close to the one I had in Rome and believe me I’ve tried it all. My cousin-in-law’s parents own an Italian restaurant down in Fairfield, Connecticut called Vino & Mare. Everything on their menu is absolutely delicious but the one that stands out the most for me is their Bolognese. When I had my first bite of their Bolognese, the flavors transported me back to our fun days in Rome.

I’ve been meaning to replicate this hearty dish, but since my husband is vegetarian, I thought I’d try a Vegetable Bolognese and see how it compares to the Meat version. Well, I have to tell you that I have found it. This bolognese dish is unbelievably hearty and creamy just like the beef version but so much healthier. (This is not the best photo, but believe me, it is delish!)

Vegetable Bolognese

To all the vegetarians out there or for those who are trying to eat a little more healthy, this one is for you, Vegetable Bolognese!

One thought on “Bolognese

  1. Sounds delicious. Hope to try it soon. Did you see yesterday Yahoo had an article on tips for the perfect bolognese? Hope to see you soon, Shelley

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