Celebrating Julian’s Birthday

Today, November 8th, is our beautiful, sweet baby boy’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Julian!

Meet our son, Julian.
Meet our son, Julian.

Julian would have been four years old today. Four years! It’s unbelievable to me.

Even though he isn’t with us physically, he is most definitely here with us spiritually and emotionally and we think about him every day, every single day!

Today, we celebrate his birth, his arrival into our family. We spend a family day together, our annual tradition, with a visit to the cemetary to bring him gifts, a dinner at Julian’s pizzeria, a look back through his photos and memory book, watching his very special video and singing Happy Birthday to our sweet, handsome baby Julian, blowing out candles to homemade, family made cupcakes. It’s a special day for us and there is so much special meaning in celebrating the same way every year. It’s our way of honoring and celebrating our Julian.

Our three beautiful children, Lilliana, Lucas and Julian
Lilliana, Lucas and Julian

We miss him so very much and wish he could be here with us, celebrating in person, with all of his family. I can imagine him smiling and laughing with all of us, enjoying all of his cuteness. Thinking about that, makes me smile as I write this post. Thinking about him bearing no more pain but just looking down at all of us here, listening to us sing to him, feeling his love surrounding us. I continue to be open to all of the signs around me that remind me of his sweet presence and ever lasting love.

Happy Birthday Julian. We love you!

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