Ten Day Cleanse

My husband and I, along with a couple of friends, have started a Ten Day Cleanse by Dr Oz. It’s simple, you can eat REAL whole foods, it’s inexpensive and it’s quick, just ten days. Plus, it opens up your world to thinking outside the box with different meal options, not just sandwiches, pasta and pizza!

You can follow our journey during this cleanse, by viewing our daily recipes and meal ideas. I’ll post daily with pictures and recipes on what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is a fun challenge and so easy to do. I hope you’ll join us.

Here is some quick information about the cleanse.

Drink fruit and protein packed smoothies. Eat lots of vegetables, particularly, the low glycemic ones. Drink lots of water. Drink a cup of green tea. No caffeine. No sugar. No wheat. No dairy. No alcohol. Plus, you can’t eat after 8pm.
You can snack in between meals, on raw almonds, an apple, hummus or any of the same low glycemic vegetables. Make sure to eat plenty of protein, either fish, chicken, eggs or Greek yogurt. In the smoothies, we add whey protein powder and flax seed.
Lunch and Dinner is easy with soups, salads and lots of vegetable and protein packed meals.
Join us and meet the challenge!

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