Cleanse Day #8

Just two more “official” days of the cleanse.

For breakfast yesterday, I had some scrambled eggs with turkey sausage. My favorite turkey sausage is from Applegate Farms, it’s delicious.

Benny and I went out grocery shopping to Trader Joes, so I had a Chocolate Avocado Smoothie to go for lunch, so smooth and satisfying. If you add a little melted dark chocolate to it, you would turn it into a delicious pudding!

chocolate smoothie

For dinner, I made some yummy Chicken Fajitas over brown rice. I just LOVE any kind of fajita and this is my all time favorite recipe. I think it’s the marinade for the chicken, it brings so much flavor to the entire dish. I like to add in mushrooms too.

Skinny-Chicken-Fajitas-.jpg (600×398)

Until tomorrow….

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