Cooking Parties

Is your child looking for something FUN to do with his friends and learn some important life lessons at the same time? Don’t you wish they still taught home economics in school? Wouldn’t it be fun to learn to cook some of your favorite food and bake your favorite treats? How about planning a family meal that is delicious and nutritious?


You CAN do ALL of it! It’s easy, trust me. We, at Food Jules, are here to help you.

Food Jules offers cooking parties for birthdays, holidays, boy or girl scouts or for just some plain old fun. We also offer private cooking lessons and family meal planning. Plus, we have a ton of healthy, tasty recipes on our website.


Our cooking classes are for ALL AGES so if YOU want to host a GIRLS NIGHT OUT with some of your close friends, make some fun appetizers and sweet treats and serve them up with some wine, we can help you.


Call or Email us today to get more information. We are excited to share all of our ideas, food creations and recipes with you. Your son or daughter will LOVE to invite his friends over for a private cooking party. It’s a great time, filled with lots of laughs, excitement, creativity and learning.

Hope to see you soon.

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