Cleanse Day #10

Yesterday, was our final day of the Dr Oz 10 day Cleanse. It was a great 10 days and I have lost about 4lbs and a few inches around the waist. Plus, I feel great! I know, 4lbs doesn’t sound like much, but I only had about 8-10lbs to lose so I think it’s great. I will be continuing the cleanse for another week, so I am hoping to lose a couple more pounds and then get back into an exercise routine.

I started the morning with a cup of warm water with lemon. This will be a new daily routine of mine. I really enjoy drinking that warm cup of water. It’s a great way to start the day. It helps kick start my metabolism and keeps me warm on a cold day.

For breakfast, I had a friend visit with her son so I made us a Cherry Banana Smoothie as well as the Mini Vegetable Frittatas. That’s right, I had both for breakfast, but it was half the amount I usually have on my own 🙂 I also snuck in a cup of Organic Decaf Coffee.

Since I had a great big breakfast, I had lunch on the later side and made myself some Turkey and Bean Chili Lettuce Wraps. They were delicious. Lettuce is a more healthier way to eat wraps and gives it a nice crunch. These were delicious.

For dinner, we just had some of leftover Vegetable Soup. Then, for a snack I had a Brown Rice Cake with Almond Butter. It was a perfect end to our 10 day cleanse.

One thought on “Cleanse Day #10

  1. MY goodness, you are going to disappear if you lose any more! I’m going to try to cut down on lunches & dinners to see if I can lose some pounds.

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