As featured on WTNH today!

It was another fun morning with the hosts of WTNH News Channel 8, Good Morning Connecticut! Thank you again to the co-anchors, Jocelyn, Laura and Gill. You guys are great! Plus… the rest of the crew, producers and camera men. This team always makes you feel welcome and right at home!

Today, I made one of my favorite recipes…. Chicken with White Beans and Spinach. Not only is this recipe simple and fast to make, but it’s full of flavor and super healthy. The important part is to saute the chicken thighs in olive oil for a few minutes until golden brown. This gives the dish a lot of flavor.

I prefer using chicken thighs in this recipe. I buy them at Trader Joes or Whole Foods, skinless and boneless. Chicken thighs have a lot more flavor and stay moist, especially when cooking for a while. However, if you prefer chicken breasts, you can certainly add them in here. Just keep in mind that chicken breast has less flavor and dries up quickly.

Another tip… when adding the dried rosemary, you want to rub it between your fingers and stir fry it in the oil for a minute, this helps ignite the dried herb and bring it back to life. This is key to great tasting dishes; the spices and herbs are stir fried in oil before adding the remaining ingredients.

I hope you enjoy this dish as much as we do. I can just eat these beans and spinach by the spoon-fulls. This dish is full of fiber and protein so it keeps you satiated for hours. I prefer serving it with quinoa, but you can certainly serve with rice or polenta. Until next time…. enjoy!

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