Blog Refresh

This weekend, I spent a great deal of time refreshing our Food Jules website. I am not sure if it’s the “new year, new you” feeling but ever since the holidays ended, I have been refreshing a lot around here, a little “pre-spring cleaning”. It gives me such a feeling of satisfaction and comfort when things are clean and organized, makes things seem new again. It helps bring me a step closer to the spring time.

spring sunrise

If you look around the website, you’ll find I’ve re-organized it a bit, while still keeping it simple and clean. I’ve revised our bio, added a few new recipes and updated the cooking class information. I will continue to bring you new recipes and tips as the weeks continue. I have lots to share with you, especially in the gluten free arena. I am on Day 13 of my GLUTEN CLEANSE and am feeling absolutely wonderful. I have more energy, more appetite and no digestive issues. I am still having trouble sleeping at night and the nightmares continue, but I expect that will continue for some time. It all started with Julian’s passing so I am sure my subconscious and conscious mind still has lifelong healing to do.


Go ahead and check out our REFRESHED website and stay tuned for more to come. Keep those comments coming too, I really enjoy reading them.

Boston Cream Pie Heaven

I love reading the Food Network magazine…. actually, I love looking at the beautiful pictures of all the gorgeous food in the magazine! Well, it isn’t just me in this house who reads this magazine, so does Mike and the kids. They look at the gorgeous pictures too and then they ask ME to make the food in those beautiful pictures!

Well, last month we received the Chocolate Edition and it was filled with tons of recipes, all made with sweet, delicious chocolate. So, I knew it was just a matter of time before the requests came in…. the first one being the Boston Cream Pie which is one of Mike’s favorite desserts! So, today was his lucky day!

Boston Cream Pie

This was so light and not too sweet and oh, so delicious! Making this cake is very simple, really it is, but it does require many steps which I made throughout the day but it was so worth it! You can find this recipe on Food Network.


Did you know that Bacalhau (salted codfish) is the national dish in Portugal? This fish is so popular that there are over 365 recipes for it, one for each day of the year!

Last week was our final session in “Cooking Around the World with Food Jules” as part of Stepney Elementary’s Arts & Imagination winter session. So, we decided to visit my family in Portugal, eat some of their delicious food and experience their fun culture. Portugal was a whole new experience for all of my students, as none of them (except Lilliana) had ever eaten Portuguese food and they loved it.

We started by making a classic Bacalhau appetizer, Pasteis de Bacalhau (Codfish Fritters). At first, the kids were hesitant to try a “new” type of fish but as soon as they took a bite out of them, they were all in love. YUM!

Pasteis de Bacalhau

The Portuguese love to talk about food and eat a lot of good food, so much so that they take a two hour lunch break and eat a three course meal, starting with a soup. A classic Portuguese soup is Caldo Verde (Green Kale Soup), made with Kale Greens, Potatoes and Chorizo (Portuguese Sausage). We made a vegetarian version without the sausage. I was so proud of all my students for doing such an amazing job making this soup and for eating it. It is nutritious and delicious, loaded with vitamins!

Caldo Verde

We also made Rabanadas (Portuguese style “french” toast). Oh my goodness, the kids were all over these! They are a classic treat during the Christmas Season, so sweet with cinnamon sugar.

We, Portuguese folks, love dessert and enjoy many different types of sweet treats but my absolute favorite are these rich custard cups from a town in Portugal, named Belem. So, for our final dish, we made Pasteis de Nata, delicious pastry cups filled with a sweet custard. This was so popular in my class that we will be making them, along with other delicious cultural foods, as part of our cooking class in preparation for the International Festival on March 30th. You must try to make these at home, they will be your new favorite sweet treat!

Thank you to all my Food Jules students for another fun and successful cooking program. See you in April!