Cast your Vote!

My dear friend, whom I’ve known for years and worked with in the past, was so kind in designing a logo for Food Jules. She is an amazing graphic artist and has done a remarkable job, yet again. I am very grateful to you, Jane, for all of your help and patience with this adventure of mine.

All of the logo renditions were great. Here are the final two picks. I need your help in deciding which one works best for the business. So, cast your vote by April 9th and be part of our official logo design.

option #1
Option #2

18 thoughts on “Cast your Vote!

    1. I love both but I vote for option one, I agree with Chris
      YOur friend did a great job, very talented!

  1. I vote for #1. I really, really like the whisk but I think it breaks up the consistency of the image too much.

  2. I prefer #1 — the 2nd one breaks up the word because it is hard to define the wisk. Chris has a good idea to use the wisk as an exlamation point!!!

  3. I vote for the second! I love the wisk, super cute! I like symmetry – and that way both words would have an accent:)

  4. I love them both! I like the idea of the whisk on the end! I think if i had to choose, it might be #1 to see it clearly.

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