Homemade Pizza!

Nothing beats pizza. It’s so cheesy and delicious… you can add any toppings of your choice… you can use traditional pasta sauce or pesto sauce…. pizza has always been my favorite food. When we were in Italy, almost five years ago, I thought I had discovered the best pizza in the world. Well, it still is but I have to admit that homemade pizza comes pretty close.

Olive - the kids favorite.

I love making pizza with the kids. They enjoy rolling out the dough, putting their favorite toppings and watching it slide onto the pizza stone. Of course, the kitchen floor ends up covered with flour, as do all of us, but it’s fun and there is nothing better then having some fun in the kitchen with my kids.

Ricotta, Garlic, Tomatoes, Basil... my favorite!

Mike and I got a pizza stone from Williams Sonoma when we got married, nine years ago, and it is the best pizza stone ever!!! When we moved into our new house five years ago, someone must have dropped it and it broke right in half. I was devastated. But, just a few days later, as Lilliana and I were walking around our new neighborhood, enjoying some tag sales (Lilliana and I love going to tag sales), there it was. Still in the box… a brand new pizza stone, exactly the same one that had broken. It’s truly the best pizza stone ever! It makes the best crust with crisp edges and cooks perfectly even throughout the entire pizza.

Pizza Stone from Williams Sonoma. Love it!

We use a paddle, also from Williams Sonoma, to slide the pizza onto the HOT stone. The key to a great crust is to pre-heat the stone on 500. Nice and hot. I throw some cornmeal down on the paddle, put the toppings on the pizza and then slide the pizza right onto the hot stone. The pizza cooks in 10 minutes!

The secret to the thin crust, is to cut the dough in half. I just discovered the multi-grain dough from Whole Foods. It’s so very yummy! I cut each dough in half and then roll each one out. Makes two pizzas from just one dough. It’s very economical and makes a nice thin crust pizza.

Of course, I’m not a professional pizza maker, so they don’t always come out round…. but I think the different shapes gives the pizza character. hehehe….

We love to make pizza on Friday or Sun nights… get a kid friendly movie and make it a Family Pizza and Movie Night. Bon Appetito!


3 thoughts on “Homemade Pizza!

  1. Liz, we love our homeade pizza too!!!! My husband is the pizza chef in our house and just like in your house, the twins love helping him role the dough and add the toppings. Instead of the oven, he does ours on our our Webber Charcole grille. So yummy!

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