Birthday Girl

I just can’t believe that eight years ago, our beautiful daughter, Lilliana, was born. She has changed our life! She is an amazing, smart, beautiful, sweet girl and we are so proud of her today and always. She is an awesome big sister to Lucas and she was to Julian too. Anyone that meets Lilliana is blessed because she is truly a very special little girl.

We love our Lilliana very much and wish her a happy day today and this weekend, as we all celebrate her special part in our lives. Now, let’s get this birthday party started….

This morning, we made her a special breakfast with Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes and surprised her with some small gifts. Later today, Lucas and I will visit her at school to do a craft and read a book to her and her classmates. Then, tonight, we’ll be making one of her favorite meals, Tortellini with Creamy Spinach. This dish is super yummy, made with cream and parmesan cheese. Lilliana loves pasta and she loves her greens!

We will continue the celebration this weekend with a pool party for some of her close friends and dinner with the immediate family. We’re keeping it very small this year as there has been a lot going on around here these past few months. Lots of yummy treats to come this weekend. Last night, we made her birthday cake – ice cream cake with Newman’s Own “Oreo” cookies crushed in the middle of two flavors of ice cream. I also got the fillings ready for the empanadas. Oh yes, it isn’t a party without empanadas. This time, I’m making a meat version (chicken) and a vegetarian version (corn). Stay tuned for recipes and pictures as the weekend unfolds.

Thinking of Julian today and always, as we honor the day Lilliana, our first born, came into our lives. This morning, Lucas said “I wish Julian was here with us.”…. so do I Lucas, so do all of us. We all look forward to seeing him again one day.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Girl

  1. Happy Birthday, Lilliana! Liz, one day, when Lilliana is a Mommy herself, she will no doubt carry out the inspirational mothering that you provide. She must be glowing right now and feeling like princess for the day… actually the weekend with all you are doing to make this birthday so wonderful! You are one special mother, Liz, and that’s a big part of why Lilliana is such a special little girl. Enjoy this happy birthday weekend with her. I feel blessed that my children have the honor of being friends with Lilliana. We can’t wait to celebrate next week!

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