Happy Birthday to Lucas!

Today, my little Lucas celebrates his FOURTH Birthday! I just can’t believe it. He’s going into pre-school in the Fall. I remember taking my little Lilliana to pre-school just the other day and now it’s going to be Lucas.

Tonight, we are going to have a special birthday cake. Per Lucas’ request, we are going to make a Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting and add a layer of Peanut Butter filling with crushed Newman’s Own Oreos in the middle! His cousins and grandparents are coming over to celebrate with him.

Happy Birthday Lucas!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Lucas!

  1. oooohhhh…. Wait till I tell Emma about the cake! happy Birthday to our little Lucas. We love him very much!

  2. Happy Birthday Lucas! I remember when he was in his car seat you carried in when you brought Lillianna to school! will he be going to the same preschool?

    1. yes! he starts in september. deja vu. i am going to miss him. it will be surreal going back to the school. when i signed him up for this semester, we had just had julian so they know about him but don’t know of his passing. that will be difficult. well, i guess it is always difficult. how about your little one? will he start this semester too?

  3. Hi liz,

    Hang in there. I think I know how you must feel to have to explain to them what happened. I am sure it will be difficult. Connor goes to TECEC. He had a speech delay and had been going there since he was three. He will be repeating the 4’s program so he can continue to get speech everyday for another year before he starts Kindergarten.

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