Well, it’s October now… the time is getting closer. We are definitely in the Fall season. I used to love this season. It was so much fun going pumpkin picking, on hay rides, picking apples, Fall decorations, trick or treating with the kids, Thanksgiving…. all leading up to the joy of the Christmas Holiday and being home for two weeks with the entire family. This was my happiest time, full of love and joy and all I am feeling right now is fear and sadness.

Julian’s first birthday is quickly approaching and I am at a loss of what to do to honor him. Fortunately, it’s election day so the kids are off from school on that day (November 8th) so maybe we’ll just spend the day together, enjoying each other, going to visit him at the cemetary and having family celebrate him with us. I want to put together a scrapbook of our memories with him and we can watch his home video. We may all be crying together instead of smiling but maybe that’s exactly what we all need.

I miss him so much! We are ALL feeling the emptiness in our lives and hearts without him.

Julian loved his co-sleeper but not as much as he loved sleeping with his mommy and daddy

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