To live in uncertainty

I am sure most of us would love to know what our future holds and if we are doing a good job living our life here on earth. What we fail to realize is that no matter what we are doing, we are all just doing the best that we can at that moment.

The important part is to enjoy each moment we are here on earth with our loved ones. Yes, we all have bad days, days when everything seems to be going wrong in our eyes or when it looks like we have been beaten so much that we just want to throw in the towel. There are days when we are just cranky, sad or irritated at everyone and everything. We ALL have those days, even my children have those days and they are so young. It is a human feeling and we are allowed to feel it. As a matter of fact, like I told my daughter this morning, we MUST express that feeling, get it out there and then just try to move forward, take a few deep breaths and think, “Why are we wasting our time with all this worrying or anxiety or anger?” I’m sure it isn’t worth it, so get it out there and move on.

I read a post yesterday that really touched me, ” In all of life’s unknowns, God never gets it wrong. We can have peace and joy in living in the not-knowing, while we wait to see what He has in store for us.” It brings up the obvious question that is on everyone’s minds at one point or another, is this all part of the master plan? Is there a master plan? Are the choices we make each day part of our path in this world?

Right now, I don’t think any of us really know for sure, but whether it is part of the plan or not, it is what it is, it’s OUR life here on earth. Let’s just do our best to be happy, truly happy and fulfilled with what we have here, by our loved ones, our close friends and family, the sun, the wind, the trees, the grass even the snow (yikes, let’s not think about snow yet). It is all beautiful and we are blessed to be able to wake up each day with a new beginning. Each day is a new day to step out of our crankiness and moodiness and give someone a hug or go for a jog and enjoy the fall foliage or just sit on the sofa and drink that warm cup of coffee!

Let’s not think about what tomorrow brings but enjoy what we have here with us today. Live in the present and try your very best each and every day to just be happy with what you have right at this very moment. Tomorrow is just another new day. I say, bring it on!

To my baby Julian, who’s second birthday is soon approaching, I live each day thinking about you, connecting with you in hopes that one day we will see each other again.

One thought on “To live in uncertainty

  1. What a beautiful reminder. I need to live more “in the now”, not tomorrow, not next year, not last year, or five years ago. Thank you. You are so amazing….

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