Cleanse Day #3

We are on the third day of our Ten Day Cleanse by Dr Oz and it’s going great. I can already feel the difference, lighter and less appetite. Plus, everything I eat just tastes really great and I don’t crave as much of the stuff I can’t eat. Although, when I was baking Valentine cookies for the kids to bring to their friends at school, they smelled SOOOOO good!

I started the day with a cup of warm water with lemon. Then, for breakfast I made these Vegetable Mini Frittatas with red and green peppers, turkey bacon and quinoa. Delicious. I love eggs and especially eggs with turkey bacon and it’s all part of the plan. I made them in a muffin pan so they were super cute and convenient to take on the go. Just pop one or two or three in your mouth and go. The kids took some today for lunch too.


The frittatas filled me up until late in the day so I only had a smoothie, a Chocolate Almond Smoothie, as an afternoon snack, followed a little later by an apple.

For dinner, I made myself a Burrito Bowl, with black beans, lettuce, grilled chicken and some fresh pico salsa. At bedtime, I was a little hungry, so I fixed myself a Brown Rice Cake with Almond Butter, yum. I know that I”m not supposed to eat anything after 8pm but I was very hungry and since I am still nursing Benny, I just had to have a little something and that seemed to hit the spot.

So, the days are going pretty quickly. The challenge will be this weekend since it’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday and we have a family birthday party on Sunday! Until tomorrow…

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