Cleanse Day #5 and #6

Hope you all had a great weekend. I apologize for being late with the recap of our last two cleanse days. Between work and a sick baby at home, I’m a little behind on my posts.


Sunday, was our fifth day on the Dr Oz Ten Day Cleanse. So far, it’s going great. On Valentine’s Day, my husband and I went out, so I had a little more then I should be eating, plus I had dessert, so I felt completely full. It’s amazing how you feel once you are cleansing and then start eating again. I preferred the way I felt on the cleanse then the way I felt after I had all that food. I guess my body is getting used to eating less, which is great, since I want to lose these last 8 baby pounds!

In the morning, I had my usual warm cup of water with lemon. Followed, by scrambled eggs and two all natural turkey sausage for breakfast. I knew I needed a more substantial breakfast since we were going out to family birthday party.

Before we headed out to the party, we had a Chocolate Almond Smoothie, yum! Then, at the party, I just snacked on some hummus with carrots, celery and a handful of corn tortilla chips. (I also snuck in a couple bites of homemade pizza – just a 1/4 of a slice).

For dinner, we had leftover Creamy Tomato Soup and then as a bedtime snack, I ate some Vegan Brown Rice Cereal with almond milk. Most likely, I was hungrier then usual because I had more to eat on Saturday, plus I am nursing a sick baby who is nursing more since he needs plenty of fluids. I am cutting myself some slack here!

tomato soup

On our 6th day, I again started out with a warm cup of water with lemon. Followed by a Triple Berry Smoothie for breakfast. For lunch, I made myself a simple Tuna Fish with celery and pickles (no mayo) on top of a bed of romaine lettuce. I love tuna!

Berry Smoothie

As a snack, I had a brown rice cake with almond butter. Then, for dinner we made Baked Salmon with fresh garlic and lemon and ate that with asparagus and one hard boiled egg. Nice and simple, yet very satisfying and flavorful.

Until tomorrow…

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